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Chinese Sweetcorn Soup


Serves Four


Thumb size piece of Ginger,
1 clove of Garlic,
1 Red Chilli,
2 Spring Onions,
4 Cups of Vegetable Stock,
2 Tablespoons of Dark Soy Sauce,
2 Tablespoons of Sesame Oil,
As much (frozen) Sweetcorn as you like!
1 Tablespoon of Cornflour mixed to a thick paste with water.
2 Eggs whisked.


Heat the sesame oil in a large pan. Chop finely the chillies, ginger, garlic and spring onions finely and add to the pan. Cook for a few minutes then add the Soy Sauce and the (warmed) stock. Bring to the boil and add the cornflour paste and stir well, the soup will thicken slightly. Add the sweetcorn and simmer for five minutes. Very slowlu poor the whisked egg into the soup stirring well with a fork to create threads of egg suspended in the soup.

Serve and enjoy!

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August Fun


August is about FUN! WeLoveDhansak is going three challenges on Instagram this month including #pcape #100dayshappy and our own #dhansakaugchallenge. Follow us @weloveshansak on Instagram and join in if you like a photo Challenge.

Hope everyone enjoys August!

Bulgar and Halloumi Salad

This is a nice balanced, vegetarian, summery dish that’s really simple to make. Hope you give it a try.


1 pack of Halloumi, Chopped
1/2 Cucumber
2 Pointy Red Peppers, Chopped
1 Vegetarian Stock Cube
2 Servings of Bulgar Wheat
Enough boiling water to cover the Bulgar Wheat


Put the Bulgar Wheat and Stock
Cube into a large Bowl, pour over boiling water to cover. Then cover the bowl and allow to stand for 20 minutes.

In a hot griddle pan; cook halloumi and red peppers and cook until lightly golden and cooked. While this is cooking chop the cucumber into large chunks.

Combine all Ingredients in a bowl and serve.

100 Days Happy!

At WeLoveDhansak we are excited to take part in the 100 Days Happy Instagram Challenge. Finding something to be happy about or grateful for in everyday is a great way to enjoy life and be happy.

If you would like to share in this with us please follow @welovedhansak on Instagram and if you are doing #100dayshappy please comment, we would love to see your pictures and share you happiness.

Today was day one and the picture we posted is below.

A Jar of local honey, there’s nothing nicer than using quality ingredients locally produced to make recipes.


Griddled Halloumi with Asparagus, Aubergine and Red Pointy Pepper with a Red Chilli Marinade

This is a really easy meal. Just marinade the halloumi in red chilli pieces and olive oil, griddle all the ingredients and serve.

In the photos below you can see we drained the vegetables on kitchen paper before serving to remove excess oil.

Great served with some fresh crusty bread or rice.